Military Vehicle Models

Best UK Military Vehicles

If you’re in the military, getting around isn’t as easy…

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Special Air Service Who Dares Wins

Special Air Service – Who Dares Wins

The SAS are one of the most famous special forces…

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Gavin Williamson Sacking

Gavin Williamson sacking – fair or unfair? Defence secretary Gavin…

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British Army Regiments Explained 

What is the British army’s best regiment? The British Army…

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5 Incredible Military Technologies Developed by the UK

The UK is known for many things but did you…

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drone swarms

Will ‘drone swarms’ change the future of warfare?

Last month, amidst a – still visible – cloud of…

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British Armed Forces

A brief overview of the British Armed Forces

The British Armed Forces – or Her Majesty’s Armed Forces,…

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British Army

Blues and Royals, a brief historical overview Living in Windsor…

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Royal Navy

The Royal Navy

A Brief Historical Overview The Royal Navy is Britain’s only…

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Gavin Williamson CBE

UK Defence spending under Gavin Williamson

Fact or Fiction? Is our defence secretary living in a fantasy…

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